Friday, 6 November 2009


I've tried to avoid missing sessions on the course but this past week I simply couldn't get back from Italy soon enough to be there. This is not at all good, not least as I missed out on feedback on my proposal, and the first tutorial on the progress with the project to date. The fact that sessions are fortnightly this year means a whole month elapses before the chance to catch up with everyone. Nonetheless the trip abroad was an opportunity to get some winter sun and to reflect on the ideas I am trying to work with. A first book of images arrived just as I left to go away and at the least provided some early indicators as to where it might go over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile the trip to the south provided another opportunity to check out some research provided by my good friend Simon. With a small b&w image to work with he had pinpointed a spot in the Rhone valley that was a potential site for a photo taken in the late 1950's - no mean feat when you look at the picture. I was amazed, as was my travelling companion, that he had very nearly got it right down to the exact spot! Although this was a scouting mission for a more comprehensive later outing I can't resist an early 'cheap shot' comparison if only to show how exact the location details were.


Simon Marchini said...

Glad to be of service

firstshadows said...

Hello David,
firstly I hope it's okay if I follow your commentary here. You mentioned you started your MA last September, are you follwoing a more structured 'taught' course or is it research driven? I'd be interested to hear of any projects you are planning and would be happy to offer thoughts.
Once again, if this is intrusive at all please let me know!
I've also set up a blog in the hope that I can organise my throughts.

david manley said...

Hello Anthony...of course if my random thoughts on the MA process are of use I'm gad! The DMU MA is a taught programme insofar as the first year is concerned (it runs in a two year part time mode only) but in year two (where I am now) it begins to be much more self directed. We still have one or two lectures and a fair amount of tutorial and seminar contact but we only meet fortnightly and so much of our project time is up to us individually. Hope this helps...

david manley said...

apologies...David...sorry for name confusion. And Simon...great stuff!