Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Photography has a meaning only if it exhausts all possible images

Excellent words from the wonderful Italo Calvino seemed right in starting this belated installment of my latest entry.  It's been a difficult week, professionally and domestically - hence the delay in posting anything.  Last week was virtually the mid point of the first semester of this course.  Time to take stock...the inputs have been terrific.  This past week Greg Lucas regaled us with the contents of his "Lost Student box', a collection of discarded negs by students from their college darkrooms over the years.  If they were all genuine (and as a died in the wool cynic I'm still not sure!) then amongst the endless dross there were real gems.  We saw images that somehow defy description or context, you couldn't invent narratives around some of them!  As before Greg wove these pictures into an entertaining and erudite narrative of his own that somehow served to encourage our own exploration of image making on the one hand and frighten the  pants off us clicking a shutter at all on the other...

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