Friday, 20 February 2009

Capturing the prey...

I'm beginning to understand a little more of the psychology around portraiture and the reactions to it.  Bringing my 'prey' to ground seemed to get off to a decent start...but as I get into it some cracks in the facade become evident.  I abandoned a session yesterday, my subject wasn't comfortable with the occasion, they were one of the few that I haven't given my explanatory text too, the setting (away from their office) was desperate and I didn't feel I had control of the situation.  Best not to panic yet I suppose but I'm anxious about getting more material to hand...the next few sessions are a week or so away.  However I am still awaiting my flashgun that I'm realizing is essential to get the lighting right so maybe it's no bad thing.

What is also evident is that it is a serious enterprise for most of the subjects as much as it is for me.  I've always been relaxed about having my picture taken but now I think about it that is mostly in the snapshot setting...I've very rarely had a 'formal' portrait taken, in fact I think only twice, one when I was a local councillor and again when I was Dean of a University department.  My recollection of both experiences is fairly dim now so I don't know exactly how I felt at the time...but maybe I was less comfortable about the experience than I believe now?

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