Monday, 23 February 2009

Putting myself in the picture

 Jill and I by Tina Barney
I'm wondering if I should?  Today I spent a fair amount of time looking at work by Tina Barney and reading about it too.  She talks in 'Theater Of Manners' about 'why should the photographer always stand behind the  camera' and although she is referencing close family members I'm also photographing people I know and interact with.  So at the very least its something I may try with each of the sessions coming up.

And I'm adding people into the roster of those I want to shoot.  A friend who is a University Professor and a colleague at another Art School that I'm External Examiner for are joining in the project - this is good, as I feel the need to have a larger pool of images to edit down from for the final submission.

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