Friday, 22 May 2009

Away From The Flock

Well its all over for a week or two.  The work is submitted, the group dispersed after a drink at the pub round the corner.  Was I alone in feeling - Is That It?  But I guess that feeling of deflation is inevitable.  I, for one, and I suspect I'm not alone, am keenly awaiting the information with regard to the next assignment.  Of course we know roughly what's expected, the handbook tells us that, but one always has the feeling that the current info is needed before you start piling into the project.

I think I know what I want to do - but have sneeking feelings for one or two other ideas as well.  I am showing some prints in Germany in August and got quite a wry response to the idea that one of the pictures might be a sunset...  Its interesting how some subjects and treatments are so cliched that an honest response to them is virtually impossible?  I have looked at other work where what could easily be dismissed as hackneyed is lauded...  Context is o course everything I guess but nonetheless there are strange perspectives at work in the contemporary art environment.

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KW said...

Interesting title David .. the suggestion of Hirst's piece, but also that of isolation and containment, the death or passing of something with little fanfare but much significance .. I like the pics, and anticipate seeing more of the current stuff on here .. Cheers KW