Monday, 18 May 2009

Over and out

Thats it!  The project is complete...though I didn't quite make it with every one of my favoured subjects I did have thirteen from which to make the selection of ten.  Although I still feel dissatisfied - when is it otherwise? - I do think I've made quite a personal journey.  I now have some understanding of portraiture and a feeling for coherence in terms of a portfolio of images.  Some progress too with the use of equipment and processes that necessarily go with it.

I may even push on with the idea - not in terms of my studies on the MA, where I'm firmly thinking around landscape - but simply as a personal project.  Pushing onwards into other locations and subjects...who knows what might emerge from it.

For now though that blessed relief and euphoria when something is put to rest and one can move on!  This photograph is one of those that didn't make the final selection.

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