Thursday, 2 October 2008

The First Steps

Yesterday was induction day for the new MA students at DMU on the MA Photography course.  An extremely diverse group of, around 16, individuals fetched up in the Portland Building for lunch and began the long journey across 24 months towards a Masters in this medium.

Personally it was a strange feeling being a student once again, after a period of 32 years...for others it must have been stranger still, having several colleagues who had never previously studied at this level.

The warm up exercise 'Desert Island Pics' revealed a little about our interests, motivations and predilections!  We were each asked to choose two images, one our own, one by another photographer.

My choices were fairly predictable and even more conservative.  A landscape, taken on a route I travel often, at a spot I've taken a snap many times.  And an image of Kielder Burn into Northumberland by Don Jackson.

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