Thursday, 16 October 2008

Raise The Bar High!

I was given a composite text of George Dubya's remarks a couple year's ago, a kind of 'cod' poem composed of phrases from his speeches.  Titled "Raise the Bar High" - a line I guess that comes from somewhere/body else.  It came to mind this week when our guest lecturer was Nick Lockett, who completed his MA at DMU last year (or maybe the year before).  It probably helped that Nick was a very experienced and accomplished photography long before he fetched up at DMU, not only technically but with a sophisticated understanding of what makes the medium tick.  He'd done a long stint as a picture editor amongst other things and reminded me in manner and outlook of two other photographers of distinction I've seen over the years, Eamonn McCabe and John Reardon.  

Nick talked us through the MA experience and showed two bodies of work he had made whilst studying with Paul and Mike (Hill and Simmons, our course leaders).  He was also kind enough (or maybe cruel enough!) to give insights into his processes, ideas formulation and to let us examine his written texts as well as actually handling the book that had constituted his final project.  It was an object lesson in how seriously and thoughtfully we need to go about the business of study in the medium if we want to produce something with authenticity and lasting resonance.

Earlier we had done the library induction, which, though unremarkable, was clear and concise and genuinely helpful with a 'hands on' session to end.  I had some trouble logging on so went off the IT helpdesk.  Neil, our Subject Librarian, had told us that the staff were always on hand and was the first test of that!  It's pleasing to report - passed with flying colours - though I had to wait a few minutes, I was apologised for being kept so and the IT guy took delivery of my problem, in a couple minutes sorted it, so that within a few minutes after that the problem was solved. 

I have a habit of opening my mouth without engaging brain on a pretty regular basis...and have already done so on this course.  During the Q&A with Nick I mentioned the early B&W work of Richard Misrach and suggested that he had taken some images in the Derbyshire turns out that the pictures I'd seen were of another, lesser known UK site (irony) called Stonehenge!  Oops...just the first clanger I'll drop in what will likely become a deafening crescendo...

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