Monday, 26 January 2009

Moving Along

I'm nor at all used to sitting and reflecting on matters, my MO is usually to do something, screw it up, do it again and so on till either I tire of it or it gets to where I want it to be.  Now however I'm actively (or rather passively) trying to slow the process down.  The new project is taxing me as I ruminate over various texts and images trying to establish exactly what I might want to get from the assignment.  Portraiture it will be (unless some very active dissuasion is employed) but what and how is still up for grabs.  I have tried taking a few but so far all I've discovered is that it is a harder task than I'd imagined - so the technical issues of making an image are starting to raise their ugly heads.  This was always going to happen, so better sooner than later, but it will mean a lot of additional work.  The subjects I'm now thinking ought to be grouped in some meaningful way. 

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