Tuesday, 27 January 2009


So far I've not put any results of the portraiture experiments up on line.  Not surprising as they are pretty dreadful!  Another kind of results came through this morning - by post - the first two modules.  They were a decent reward for the effort put in and given that I'm on a hiding to nothing in terms of what is likely to be expected of me, at least they were in line with that to.

I have now honed in on the specific content of my intended study for the next couple months - 'Professional Engagements' is the working title and I'm hoping to convince my tutors that portraits of all those professional people I have had interaction with in the past few years might make for a meaningful project.  I like to think that it will give me access to two environments, work and home or play, as well as a rich and accessible group of subjects.  I've begun approaching them and to date they have all been willing to play ball.  I have toyed with the idea of projects that would have involved complete strangers but I simply don't think I'm ready for that, either psychologically or technically.  This could be a kind of half way house as quite a few of the victims are not regular acquaintances. 

I'm also thinking that this disparate group, sharing as they do, simply their relationship to me create an interesting 'portrait' of me as well as of themselves.  This is something that I want to explore further in making this body of images - and try to identify within the works themselves.  
Now I really have to start thinking about which camera, what additional equipment and so forth...

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