Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Out of our comfort zones

Today we had the opportunity to look at 'recent' work by one another and to begin to, tentatively, tease out what our project might be. I don't know how others felt (I had to duck out before the session ended) but the experience was fairly uncomfortable. Putting out unfinished and unresolved work is pretty nerve wracking and as an artist working for thirty plus years isn't naturally something I do. Usually there's a fairly elaborate ritual preceeding the act of showing that takes place in my studio - and as Barney Newman said "Studio is Sanctuary"! I think the intention behind the exercise was a 'loosener' to get us moving into shooting, revealing, selecting and discarding in a more open and relaxed way...whether that's really possible I have my doubts. Still getting seasoned - nay revered - colleagues on the staff riffelling through the scrappy and half baked pictures that I spray the camera over was tough...and something the Prof said really struck a chord, as well as putting the fear of God into me. Suggesting we look through the viewfinder and ruling out anything we've seen before may well present me, for one, with a tough assignment without any pictures to show for it!
This week's Cake file - a delicious, really freshly baked tea cake (yes a cake with tea in it and still warm from the oven) from Daisy...still she lives on a farm so...

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