Sunday, 1 March 2009

Time Out and...17 and a half out of 66...

This week I missed out on a session, so cannot reflect on what I wasn't party to.  Its only the second that I've missed,the first before Xmas through illness, and this time with a work commitment I couldn't avoid.  I did feel that that something was missing from my week and intend not to lose another week this semester if at all possible.

Progress on the project has been fairly slow too.  I have done two further sessions but the results are nowhere near good enough to use.  Maybe that isn't critical yet (there's time to go back) but I'd like to feel that I was getting somewhere with those aspects of the images that I'm particularly interested in...and at the moment it doesn't feel like it.  I need to step back from the composition of the image and reflect on it - but my desire to get pictures taken without too much fuss is getting in the way of this...and also not allowing me sufficient time to check all the technical issues.  I've printed one or two images as well...but I really don't want  to sidetrack myself into issues around making prints, just having something to look at on paper is what's useful...quality is not the issue as yet.  

I have another session fixed for tomorrow so at least I'm getting a raft of images under my belt now.  And the issue of whether or not to have the feet in....
Well I have been looking at Wolfgang Tillmans' portraits...and counted 17 and a half feet out of 66 maybe not so important as other considerations after all!

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