Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Feeling strangely and unnaturally deflated today.  I ran out of road with the draft of the essay and had to leave a large section of 'untreated' notes at the heart of it - not that this matters especially at this stage.  But somehow I feel I'm falling short with the project as a whole with the text in such a state.  I am also keen to pull in at least four more sittings before finally deciding on the selection and sequence of prints.  At present there are eleven subjects - if I can make that 15 I can discard around a third in making the final group.  So all's well then except it seemed as if others had achieved clarity over the project as a whole and could in consequence have a near completed text...hence my discomfort...pitiful really!

I need to be a little more bullish about the pictures maybe.  Maybe, they arn't as incoherent as I suspect.  Only time will tell.  What I have discovered is that there is a reason that portraiture hasn't been on my radar previously...I simply don't have the passion for it.  My interests are in landscapes, increasingly local landscapes as well as more exotic ones (as in the accompanying picture to this entry), and our relationship to it.  In the past I'd thought this was simply because it informed my painting activity but I now feel it may be deeper than that.

Anyway - Cake File: this week a cornucopia of delights...cakes (lemon and chocolate), a lemon pie, apple pie and - although they were all nice - the highlight - scones and clotted cream with homemade jam - it must have been Daisy's doing!

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