Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Veering away from the Script

The most recent shoot I did coupled with the prep for the upcoming crit later today has given me pause for thought.  I'm also writing up the critical commentary that has to accompany the body of work we submit.  This too has provoked some fresh thinking around the subject and whether I'm getting it right at present.

My thoughts are that my subject group is actually too diverse, what does it say about me? and is that at all interesting or significant.  One of my colleagues pointed this out a week or two ago and its been at  the back of my mind since.  My impulse in taking these pictures is nowhere near as clearcut as I have been thinking...

So it's a period of reflection today and tomorrow before throwing myself back into whatever it is that is going to constitute the final submission!  Kidnapped by my own ruminations!

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Simon Marchini said...

But where are the feet?