Saturday, 25 April 2009

Out and about

Yesterday saw the opening of a clutch of new shows and Derby Museum & Art Gallery.  We went along and were particularly keen to see a selection of the Museum's landscapes mixed in with a small selection of work by local artists who focus on this subject matter.  Amongst the works were two pictures of Peak District landmarks by Nick Lockett who came along to talk to us last semester.  They looked extremely good - not least contrasted with some eighteen century topographical sketches (with annotations) of the Derbyshire Peak - in their own way both artists with a strong, almost obsessive, desire  to capture the detail in the peak albeit through very different means.  The whole show reminded me that, when push comes to shove, this is where my own passion in making art (be it paintings or photographs) lies and where I'm sure my major project will rest.

Nonetheless I'm now working with over twelve subjects in my current portrait project and have had my first request from someone to be added into the equation!  This chuffed me to bits!  I still lack any confidence in the photographs but feel I have to see it through as the project now...I've a text and a dozen pictures after all and there simply isn't time to change tack again.  So there it rests.  The picture today is of one of the most recent of the portrait shots.

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