Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Nose to the Stone

Today I have completely focussed on my project for hand in at the end of this semester.  A substantive rewrite of the text accompanied by a first stab at printing out seven of the 'final' images.  'Final' in that the prints always reveal certain small issues that simply never appeared on screen (even allowing for the arcane mysteries of the printing process itself) and suggest tweaks and changes, especially the more of the chosen images you have in front of you.  

Another aspect of the process that infuriates is the requirement to write the accompanying text in the third person, one understands the need for 'critical distance' in the writing up of commentary and the importance of not simply saying "i did this and that' etc., but inevitably the journey travelled is a (the?) vital part of any body of work and is easier for being a first person narrative.

Nonetheless the reflection on the conceptual, formal and procedural aspects of producing a coherent body of work is exactly what will give it coherence in the end.  Though this too requires a curious discipline in that the creative journey continues of course well beyond the point of the writing process that in any event is taking place right now whilst the production of images, much less prints, is inevitably on-going.  No way round it of course, but slightly unreal!  Meanwhile another image from the  series that I now think I may call (though it be everso corny) 'Masters Of Arts'...

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