Thursday, 7 January 2010

Almost There

I have mounted all the images, prepared the book and the box into which it is going, and have the title sheet sorted. It's taken from Monday am till now but given that I've had a really bad cold and a hacking cough that has kept me from getting a decent night's sleep since Xmas I'm not too displeased with the results. Whether or not the sequencing is really sorted (or even that I've made the right selection) I'm not so sure but it's that time when you simply have to decide and get it done.

Now it's onto the text...even this is marginally less daunting given that the word count can only be's not so much what to say but how to say what you want with such economy. Even my initial notes amount to over 700 words and if I add some reflected text drawn from this blog then I'll quickly run out of road.

For a change here's a different picture one drawn from another project (unrelated to the MA) called Linae.

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