Monday, 4 January 2010

Onwards Robots

is the title of the MA group's account, set up for funding our end of year seeming to be only a few months off as we race through January 2010! It also sums up pretty accurately what I'm now doing with the work. Selecting the 15 final images to make up the project is really taxing - as in truth I still don't have a crystal clear rationale behind them. I am attempting a metaphorical 'journey' through the site, with the images captioned by verbal descriptions using the 'ing' form. But this does of course admit a massive variety of options. Some considerable time ago I settled, fairly obviously!, on 'entering' and 'leaving' as the first and last...though maybe 'reflecting' could follow 'leaving' and there are others too that could come after the act. However choosing the right verb forms for the sequence is hard work especially when the selection of images is still's a slow laborious process of reviewing the pictures one by one, reflecting on the verb forms and their applicability or otherwise to the images, settling on initial conjunctions, printing the photographs and then beginning to position them within the sequence.

As regards the overall form I am, for this part of the project, presenting the selection within a book format where each image is mounted into the chosen sketchbook - itself chosen as a kind of Gazetteer.

Along the way I am also trying to spend a little time working on the text component so that there is, in some part, a natural relationship between the also breaks up the working practice in a way that keeps each activity from becoming a chore! Looking back over the ten or so sessions I've spent on site and the many images taken one can't help finding images that whilst in no way fitting the brief are, nonetheless, ones you want to use in some other way. Here's one such.

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