Wednesday, 13 January 2010


At last...I've re-glued the edges of my presentation box, decided on a final 'coda' image and printed and mounted it. Yesterday afternoon I went and got the essay bound. So the interim project is completed. Look at doesn't look much does it! And yet I've laboured hard and long on it, made two Blurb books on the way, am having several images printed up to A2 (to exhibit in Stockholm in a few weeks (though looking out the window now it looks like Stockholm may have come to me..) and feel as if I've just reached the first base camp on Everest. Because it is becoming apparent that one of the key issues with this kind of lengthy and in depth study is simply dogged determination to keep on applying the emotional, creative and intellectual rigour that - just possibly - may result in something worthwhile.

On another tack entirely, though not completely unconnected news reaches me that our Prof - the inestimable Paul Hill - is re-opening the fabled Photographer's Place this coming April. If you don't know of the Place then it's either because you are still fairly young, or have no real knowledge of landscape photography in the UK because just about anybody serious about image making in the great outdoors over the past thirty years either taught, visited or wished to be there at some time. It is great news that Paul is starting it up again, you should check it out.

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