Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another Session

The sessions now seem to fly by and inevitably we are now looking down the barrel of hard decisions about how and what the shape of the final project submission will look like. Be warned if you come looking here for tips on coping with the course - the time slips away mighty quickly in this last semester. It's harder too to engage in the debates around the work at the group crit - for starters one doesn't want to be too damning as we are hardly in a position to completely reinvent ourselves and our work at this late stage, neither can one suggest new directions that would require fresh investments in substantive reading around the text that - given that a draft has to be submitted immediately after Easter - is rapidly coming upon us. All that said there's still opportunities for interesting diversions and distractions...including the discussion around the revolving dildo's I saw in Venice last summer in the Glass stress exhibition! I thought this video work was amazing...check it out on Hye Rim Lee's website!

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