Friday, 5 February 2010

The Final Show

A great flurry of activity from my peers as regards our final show - which we are reckoning to have sometime in mid autumn and somewhere in the UK! Given it's February already this is likely to become something of an issue if we don't settle on a venue (or venues...) quite soon. The latest in an increasingly long line of locations is back in Leicester itself. I feel this makes some sense as several of us are relatively local with contacts and colleagues who could make up the numbers and for those who have to travel at least they know how to get there! And after all if you live in the South of England then Leicester is as convenient as Birmingham or Sheffield (other locations that we have mulled over). In addition to the Leicester proposal there is some talk of an event in London that (assuming the logistics and economics can be made to work) is a very attractive additional prospect. Of course there is no such thing as a 'perfect' venue and given that I have shown in a bewildering number of contexts in the past, and occasionally in places that I've either never seen at all until I got there (!) or that I've only had photos to work from in advance I guess I'm very relaxed about what a prospective venue might look like. Hopefully we will start resolving some of the issues soon!

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