Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just Keep Going!

We are now very firmly into the home straight - yesterday's session was a tutorial slot and whilst I was given some solid and sage advice there is no doubt that the core message was - you have to decide and you have to find the way to do it. Of course this is absolutely how it should be, indeed when making any art, how it is - eventually no one else can tell you how you feel and how you react to the work you create. Nonetheless in the context of study it still comes hard to you! So now the really hard work is underway - and in many ways a lot of the theory quickly melts away as you start looking hard at what is being made and what will be compelling images. Though there are great ideas out there and even if you are fortunate to gain a toehold on a half decent one they will mean diddly squat if the pictures don't grip the viewer. Obvious perhaps but hard to achieve.

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