Monday, 22 February 2010

Back Home

from Stockholm where we mounted a small show of work from Harrington Mill Studios of which I am a member at Supermarket 2010. It was a fantastic experience to be at what has become the premier artist-led organisations art fair in the world. And I had personal cause to celebrate the first ever sale of one of my photographs during the event! And given that it was the only picture that I've produced for my final project that I'm at all happy about it was a double cause for celebration. As well as selling it I had several very good responses from visitors including a very well regarded Swedish photographer who thought it one of the most intriguing images at the Fair (and there were a lot there!).

Overall Supermarket is essentially a networking event and we managed a fair bit on that front with contacts established all over the place. I also sold a painting so came away pretty pleased with the whole thing. Of course taking five days out of the course now means lots of catching up to do but the conversations at the Fair have clarified quite a bit of my thinking so I feel energised to push on with the work. This coming Wednesday we have a group crit so I need to gather together what I have and make some prints for that. Busy times on the stand as can be seen from the photos...there's a refreshingly open and interested audience in Sweden for contemporary work of all kinds.

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