Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Fallow Period...

What with one thing and another I haven't managed to post since ahead of last week's session - and it's very nearly time for another.  Last week was one of the most interesting sessions since we started.  Both Greg Lucas and Paul Hill did presentations and there was much to ponder.  Greg introduced me to one or two artists I've previously ignored, Andreas Slominski being one of them.  He was focussing on the subject of narration and sequencing and gave an interesting and eclectic range of sources we could consider drawing upon, how pertinent this will be to many of us I'm none too sure - it made me think hard about how limited my ambition for my project might be - but it was very informative as well as entertaining, though Greg is always at the very least entertaining!  Paul took us through his back catalogue in a thoughtful and provoking manner and brought us up to date with some of his current work and preoccupations including work that draws upon some difficult areas of loss and grief.  It was a real privilege to have access not only to the work but to the very direct and honest commentary that Paul provided.  The ability to connect simply and honestly into the thinking process behind images is not something that widely available, but Paul Hill has it in spades - worth the entrance money alone!

Cake File - Daisy is in overdrive now...this week's cake had everything going for it...she just can't stop baking. 

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