Monday, 2 March 2009

Thinking Through the Subject

Here is one of the pictures from my latest session - I now have five completed and am beginning to get a 'feel' for how to go about the process.  Firstly I get in quick and get set up fast...start shooting quickly and accept that the first dozen or so are likely to be 'loss leaders'.  Talk through the subject and listen to their responses, trying to get them animated.  I am now thinking that I will take them out of their immediate desk surroundings and into environments that are both comfortable to them and visually interesting to me.  Having established a very formal and restrictive arrangement I'm realizing - doh! - that such a straitjacket is both condensing and unnecessary.   SP is the Chair of the Board of an Arts Centre I'm a member of, and is herself a Director of another Centre.  The desk element of her role is but one aspect of it and so on this occasion I moved the shoot out of the office and into the Gallery - and its one of those images I'm most taken with at the present.  I'm also thinking that I need to shoot in bursts to get the facial expressions I require, another thing to consider alongside the compositional stuff (don't forget the edges!) and the lighting and the props and everything else!!


KW said...

Hello David .. Although I have been following your studies with interest, and quite enjoy some of your work .. I am just wondering if you could tell me whose paintings these are in the background .. are they another student's work, or were you at an outside gallery?

Cheers KW

Natalie said...

Yes please could you tell us whose paintings are in the photo.