Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Harvey Jones Principle

Unless you go back a bit you won't remember the management guru, Sir John Harvey Jones, ex ICI Chief who became one of the first tellie pundits.  I have always liked one of his maxims...not least because I've never quite understood its meaning...and I paraphrase...
"Planning is an unnatural process, and the beauty of not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and despair."

So goes my first practical project for this course. And I still don't know whether I'm falling one side or the other of this.  I have now got (and as of tomorrow will have more) very nearly enough subjects for the 'professional engagements' idea and have made first shoots with most of them.  The results are hardly promising and what I am trying to get across still isn't entirely clear to me.  There are plenty of images, 'straight' portraits from a variety of angles including the initially favoured high vantage, wide angle shot based (very loosely) on the Degas portrait. In addition I've shot close ups of hands and one or two other 'ideas' (for which read just trying out other possible poses etc.).  Nothing is really getting to the heart of what I had planned and more importantly the pictures simply don't 'engage'.

So there is much pondering to do over the next six days before the eve of Easter crit where we need to put images on the table.  Meanwhile fortunately I had no prep for this week's session as I've just returned from a thoroughly enjoyable fve days in Barcelona (a short honeymoon trip) where I was able to take some pictures - just for fun - including the above.

Oh and Daisy does it again...Cake File...something really delicious that she "just threw together with what was around" - now if I could only make a set of pictures as good using the same methodology!

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