Monday, 30 March 2009

Away From The Flock

Between the last two sessions of the MA, two weeks of seminar presentations, I was out of the UK in Barcelona (see obligatory "stranger asked to take photo in Park  Guell).  Ostensibly we were there for our honeymoon but, both being artists, still couldn't resist visiting a few shows.  In truth we didn't see a lot we liked...except one truly stonking show that was quite outstanding and revelatory.  The show was by Kiki Smith.  If you've just followed the link you'll have got a flavour of it - in the galleries it was truly sensational.  Not least for the centrality it gave to the drawing process, as much as for the intensity of the content.  In amongst everything else (drawing, sculpture, installation) were three excellent photographic portraits, intense blackness barely revealing the subject but saying so much with seemingly so little.  It inspired and cowered me in equal measure.

The seminars were interesting, although in truth they sometimes lost their way...especially in week two when the time control went awry and there wasn't the focus that we were instructed to keep to (we are supposed to have a strict 15 minutes per colleague).  It may be that the whole group size makes it tough to fully engage and I'll hold my hand up that - just occasionally - my full attention drifts in and out.  I suspect I may not be alone.  Perhaps consideration could be given to splitting up the group (we did that previously) into people can have a conversation of sorts - 16 or 17 really can't.

I'm amazed at how diverse the projects are turning out to be and in awe of several of the others who have a level of innate ability in terms of both clarity of ideas and technical execution.  I feel quite vulnerable having yet to achieve either!  

Cake File: I ate some lovely cake, in fact three slices, but am blowed if I know what it was...I think Daisy made it again...she makes a fair few cakes and - blow me - has even photographed herself doing so!

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